We Create Valuable Content

That Inspires And Educates

The World.

based in

Documentary Film Production

We produce artful and engaging films that evoke human emotion and promote change.

Educational Content

We create educational courses based on expert knowledge and
real-life experiences.

Podcast &

We offer full-service Podcast &
YouTube channel production
and distribution.

Performance Marketing

We offer strategic AD placement, podcast partnerships, digital radio, and mass media advertising.

Virtual Reality Video (VR) 

Dive inside the scene for an unforgettable experience with our virtual reality video production.

Live Event Production

We organize and produce live events that educate and create real human connections.

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1. Strategy & Research

The art of developing a plan based on clear objectives, milestones, and
well executed research is what makes our projects so successful.

2. Quality Production

The creation process takes careful planning and execution. We believe dedication and ability to adjust
is what makes us unstoppable.  

3. Performance Matters

To reach optimal performance, one must deliver quality on consistent bases. We never stop learning and improving as this is the only way to live.

4. Superhero Distribution

The process of marketing and building an audience can be very difficult. This is where many fail and the few who master it, become superheroes.

Last project

We Love

To Learn.
To Inspire.
To Connect.

Our mission is to inspire positive change and promote education using the art of filmmaking, digital content production, and organizing live events worldwide.

We believe art and education can inspire positive change and help people make deeper connections.

We believe film can evoke emotion and educate at the same time.

"Profit Knocks"

Educational Podcast and Video series that exposes how real estate investments work in other countries around the world.

"Learn How To Teach"

Series of educational courses that show teachers and creators how to effectively create and promote online courses to the right audience.

"The Concrete Artist"

Mini documentary film about redeveloped landmark buildings in Chicago.

"Artful Masters"

Education courses that not only teach but inspire and show real-life experiences.

Gold Mind Podcast

Podcast that connects you to coaches who offer life and business advice.

Virtual Reality City Tours

Go around the world from the comfort of your home with virtual reality movies.

One person with passion is better than one hundred people merely interested.

We are always looking for passionate talent to share in our journey.
We believe in collaboration, hard work, and creating lasting value in the world.
Below you will find open positions, short-term gigs and contract opportunities.

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